The 21 VLX is designed for the family that loves to wakeboard, surf & Ski. The 21 VLX comes with everything you need to get out on the water at an incredible value. With seating for 13 and all the trimmings, you're going to have a massive wake when you need it and smooth, passable slalom wakes when you want to switch gears.

A no-compromise machine you get the complete Integrated Surf Platform, including the latest generation Power Wedge III hydrofoil and the Surf Gate. Competitors can't match its performance, its Malibu fit and finish or its value.

Malibu’s Integrated Surf Platform combines an array of our innovations to create the perfect wake and wave suitable whether you are a beginner, a Professional, or anywhere in between.

The ISP’s Quad Hard-Tank Ballast system and Power Wedge III allows you to create up to 1,670 kgs of wake-creating ballast at the tap of your finger on one of the dual touch-screens forming our Command Center.

For the last word in wake and wave control, the Malibu ISP puts it right in the surfer’s hands with the patented Surf Band wrist remote. Easily transfer with the use of Surf Band, as well as audio and visual signaling.

Length (excl. Platform) 21' / 6.40 m
Length (incl. Swim Platform) 23'9" / 7.26 m
Beam 98" / 2.50 m
Weight 4,000 lbs / 1,814 kgs
Draft 27" / 0.69 m
Standard Ballast 750 lbs / 340 kgs
Maximum Ballast 3,700 lbs / 1,678 kgs
Optional Bow Ballast 340 lbs / 154 kgs
Optional Plug'n'Play 1,100 lbs / 499 kgs
Optional Power Wedge II 1,500 lbs / 680 kgs
Hull Type Wake Plus or Diamond
Fuel Capacity 182 ltrs
Maximum People 13

  • Incredible Malibu Value
  • Malibu Command Center 
  • Seating 13
  • Wake Plus or Diamond Multisport Hull
  • Traditional Bow Design
  • Wet Sounds 6 Speaker System
  • 12" Subwoofer With Amp
  • G3.5 Tower w/Bimini
  • Board Racks
  • Surf Gate 
  • Surf band
  • Power Wedge III
  • Quad Hard Tank Ballast
  • Optional Plug 'n' Play
  • Rear view Mirror 14”
  • Snap-Out Carpet Insert
  • Sport Dash with rotary 4-way joystick
  • Zero Off GPS
  • Pull Up Cleats
  • Standard Full Factory 5 Year Warranty


Malibu's Wakesetter 21 VLX is designed for the watersports enthusiast who wants a boat that can do it all.

Surf? Skate? Wakeboard? Even ski? The Malibu Wakesetter 21 VLX is designed for the watersports enthusiast who wants a boat that can do it all.

While the 21 VLX shines in all phases, it’s the wake it produces that sets it apart. All new for 2017, this 21-foot crossover produces a wave with the quality to compete with the best boats out there. It comes standard with the Integrated Surf Platform, including the wake-optimized hull design, Quad Hard Tank Ballast system, Power Wedge II hydrofoil and the revolutionary Surf Gate. The all-new G3.5 tower comes standard, too. Throw in the trailer and the 21 VLX becomes an absolute steal for the surfing set.

Our staff’s wakesurfing experts were amazed that a boat this size can throw such a long and powerful wave, but, like Malibu says, the truth is on the water. We were really impressed with the length of the pocket on the 21 VLX. We were able to drop back so unbelievably far and the wave still had a ton of push, an uncommon trait for a smaller-size boat. But because of the Surf Gate, combined with the Power Wedge II, all the boats in the 2017 Malibu lineup throw clean, consistent and massive waves. And with Surf Band, which you wear on your wrist while surfing behind the boat, you can control and tweak the wave to your liking while out on the water. The driver can easily command all settings from the 12-inch in-dash touchscreen display, as well as the smaller 7-inch display at the helm.

While the 21 VLX shines at 11 mph surf speeds with full ballast, it’s no slouch when it’s time to empty the tanks and climb onto plane. With no ballast in the hull, we were able to push it onto plane in 4.3 seconds en route to an almost 41 mph top speed, very speedy for an inboard-powered tow boat. The open-bow cockpit and wraparound benches in the main cockpit can accommodate up to 13 people, so the whole crew can get in on the action, be it surfing, skating or cruising around the local lake. Sometimes you really can do it all.

High Points
* 2,200-pound-capacity ­ballast system fills quickly.
* New G3.5 tower stores your quiver and folds down for garaging.
* Wet Sounds stereo system with six speakers carries tunes throughout the boat and out to the rider.
* In-dash 12-inch touchscreen command center gives driver easy command.


WaterSki Mag

The brand-new Wakesetter 21 VLX is a well-equipped multi-sport boat that will appeal to families shopping for a do-it-all inboard that’s easy to tow and store, and looks amazing on the water. Manufactured in Loudon, Tennessee, this boat specs out at 21-feet long and with a 98-inch beam.

The company gives you two running surface options — the diamond or wake hull. The diamond hull will be the choice for water sports athletes that gravitate more to slalom skiing and the wake specific hull will cater to the wakeboaders in the family.

With either option, you get a long list of standard features that includes the G3.5 tower, Surf Gate, Quad Hard Tank Ballast system, Power Wedge II hydrofoil, and the ever-popular dual-screen digital Command Center that controls everything.

As with all Malibu’s, the Wakesetter VLX is built for high-end performance. Its robust stock engine accelerates smoothly out of the hole, and its tracking and turning capabilities are right on the money. You’ll even be impressed with the boat’s steering performance when challenging docking situations present themselves. It responds instantly and precisely to your direction as captain.

Styling, comfort, performance are all top-notch, and you will quickly realize as we did, that’s there’s a lot to love about the new Wakesetter 21 VLX.

Water Ski Magazine